Marketing Autopilot Formula


The complete step-by-step formula for creating, building and scaling a profitable automated sales funnel so that you:

  • Make more income 
  • Earn cash-on-demand 
  • Profitably run ads for your marketing campaign (significantly increasing your earning power) 
  • Automate and eventually scale your marketing 
  • Build a systematised company that can someday sell and create a huge payday for yourself  

So that you get 

  • The income you desire 

  • The freedom to live the life of your dreams, working 
 whenever and wherever you want 

  • Control over your future with the ability to expand 
 and scale your company almost at will


Use this space to briefly list out the high-level topics / headlines of each lesson that you think will be valuable for your student. Think of these as the “chapters” of your book. 

MODULE 1: Getting Started

  • M1 L1: Welcome/Introduction
  • M1 L2: The Ultimate Success Formula
  • M1 L3: Your Big Goal Achievement Action Planner
  • M1 L4: The Marketing Mindset

MODULE 2: Sales Funnel Foundation

  • M2 L1: Introduction
  • M2 L2: The Ideal Client Market Evaluator
  • M2 L3: The ICA Snapshot
  • M2 L4: The Goals Grid
  • M2 L5: The Ideal Client Currency Calculator
  • M2 L6: Your Million Dollar Message

MODULE 3: Building Your Marketing Assets

  • M3 L1: Introduction
  • M3 L2: Creating Your Value Pyramid
  • M3 L3: Creating Your Trademark Solution
  • M3 L4: Value Maximization Ladder - Customer vs Client

MODULE 4: Building a Profitable High Converting Funnel

  • M4 L1: Introduction
  • M4 L2: A Loss Leader Funnel
  • M4 L3: A Local Business Funnel
  • M4 L4: The Professional Funnel

MODULE 5: Creating Your Irresistible Lead Magnet

  • M5 L1: Introduction
  • M5 L2: The Best Types of Lead Magnets
  • M5 L3: Tools to Create Your Lead Magnet
  • M5 L4: Establishing Credibility Quickly (VSL)

MODULE 6: Facebook Ads Quick Start Guide

  • M6 L1: Introduction
  • M6 L2: Create Your Perfect Audience on Facebook
  • M6 L3: Creating Your Perfect Facebook Ad - Part 1
  • M6 L4: Creating Your Perfect Facebook Ad - Part 2

MODULE 7: Your Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide

  • M6 L1: Introduction 
  • M6 L2: Setting up Getresponse Email List & Autoresponder
  • M6 L3: Setting up your Credibility Builder Landing Page
  • M6 L4: Publishing Your Perfect Facebook Ad
  • M6 L5: Zapier Automation - Facebook to Getresponse
  • M6 L6: Zapier Automation - Daily Leads Report on Gmail

BONUS MODULE 1: Your Perfect Email Sequence (Bonus)

  • B1 L1: Introduction
  • B1 L2: Email basics - 5P
  • B1 L3: Your Perfect Email Welcome Sequence
  • B1 L4: Drip Scripts Tool
  • B1 L5: Email Subject Line Tester

BONUS MODULE 2: Total Sales Blueprint (Bonus)

  • B2 L1: Introduction
  • B2 L2: Total Sales Blueprint Overview
  • B2 L3: Positioning & Attraction Strategies
  • B2 L4: Opening Strategies
  • B2 L5: Buying Strategies
  • B2 L6: Solution Strategies
  • B2 L7: Presentation Strategies
  • B2 L8: Challenge Strategies
  • B2:L9: Starting Strategies
  • B2:L10: Referral Strategies