Module 2: Sales Funnel Foundation

Lesson 5: The Ideal Client Currency Calculator

    • In this lesson we’re going to learn … The #1 most important currency that your ideal client wants.
    • This is important because … you can focus on the “painkiller” solution you have that solves that number 1 problem. You will position yourself as the go to solution provider for this problem.
    • If you don’t do this… you will end up trying to sell vitamins when you should be selling painkillers. Pain killers are a MUST have and vitamins are a nice to have. People buy painkillers.
    • EXAMPLE - see video
    • Action Item: Complete your Ideal Client Currency Calculator worksheet
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  • Kinnari

    How do i put a number to the Metric + Timeline column? because we never monitor specific number. What we know if there was growth and progress.

    • Avatar

      These are some of the key metrics we need to start measuring.

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