Module 1: Your Vision & Action Plan

Lesson 2: Your Big Goal Achievement Action Planner

      • In this lesson we’re going to learn … How to be focussed & have a daily action plan to help make progress on your big goal.
      • This is important because … this is a simple system to get big and important things done daily. Success is more about habits than anything else. First we make our habits and then our habits make us. One of the things successful entrepreneurs know how to do is FOCUS.
      • If you don’t do this… you will be unfocused. Your energy will be fragmented and your productivity will plummet. You won’t achieve daily and you will lose momentum. It’s much harder to get a project started that has stopped. It’s much easier to get more momentum on a project that’s already moving forward.
      • EXAMPLES - Neeraj’s goal of writing a book and using the planner..
      • Action Item: Print out your Titan Big Goal Achievement Planner and start using it daily.
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Comments ( 4 )

  • Kinnari

    Where will i find the link to download the worksheets?

    • admin

      It’s under the video – There is a yellow button

  • Anuj Gupta
    Anuj Gupta

    Thank you Neeraj for this session. Kindly suggest what needs to be our goal settings in next 100 days?
    Case A:
    Is it going to learn how to set up a sales funnel in next 100 days? and then re do this exercise again and set new goals in next 100 days?

    Case B: Set goals as per my current plans and targets?

  • admin

    I would suggest you go with case A – use the tool to focus on getting your sales funnel up and running, then set new goals after 100 days.

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