MODULE 2: A Visually Powerful LinkedIn® Profile

Lesson 2: Using Canva to Create A Powerfully Optimised Profile Photo

  • In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to use a free app called to create a powerfully optimised profile photo. You’ll also learn how to upload it on LinkedIn.
  • Action Item: Use to create your own optimised profile photo designed to stand out from the crowd and create a great first impression. Add your optimised photo to your LinkedIn profile.
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    I ended up going back to an older picture because it received a higher rating than either of my new pictures.

    Ha! After mucking around for 2 hours on this, I ended up with just the same old picture but with the gold ring around it! This is why my VA usually has to do this stuff for me 🙂

    One of these days I’ll have to go get some professional pictures done. But this one gives me a 76 on the snappr site, the others couldn’t even break 70.

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