Module 2: Sales Funnel Foundation

Lesson 2: The Ideal Client Market Evaluator

    • In this lesson we’re going to learn … we need to identify the best and most profitable kinds of clients we should be dealing with. Even if anyone can be your customer it is important to focus
    • This is important because … we want to serve the kind of clients we really love and the ones that are profitable. Having clarity here refines our entire marketing and makes it very specific and attractive to that niche.
    • If you don’t do this… your marketing will be generic and sound like everyone else. People won’t be able to tell why you are different. Confused prospects don’t buy.
    • Example: Neeraj shares his own example on the video to help you fill this in.

Action Item: Complete the Ideal Client Market Evaluator Worksheet

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  • Vaishakh Nair
    Vaishakh Nair

    Hii, no such diagram is mentioned in the workbook, I mean the 5 concentric circle pic.

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