MODULE 2: A Visually Powerful LinkedIn® Profile

Lesson 1: The 5 Most Important Parts of Your LinkedIn® Profile

  • In this lesson we’re going to learn why your profile page is important and the 5 most important parts of your profile from a social selling perspective.
  • This is important because …the right LinkedIn profile will be 26x more likely to be found in search results. This is all about getting the right visibility to your target audience.
  • If you don’t do this… your target market may be confused or in the worst case scenario be put off.
  • Action Item: Reflect on how your profile is set up currently and how you typically view other people’s profile. Where do you look first? In the lessons that follow we will get deep into what you can do to powerfully optimise each key part of your profile.

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1. To remove photo background:

2. To rate your photos:

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