Module 2: Sales Funnel Foundation

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • In this lesson we’re going to learn … about the 5 tools that are going to help us get crystal clear about who your ideal client is and how to discover their psychology.
  • This is important because … 80% of success in marketing is getting the psychology right. You will be able to talk their language, more engaging and your marketing will stand out. This will help you convert better. People buy when they feel understood.
  • If you don’t do this… your marketing will be generic and cause confusion. The #1 mistake I have seen business owners make is to get their marketing to appeal to all kinds of target markets they serve. When people are confused they don’t buy. When they can’t tell why you are different and things will boil down to comparing prices … and unfortunately in that scenario it’s the one with the lowest price that will win.
  • Action Item: Complete the next lesson - The Ideal Client Market Evaluator
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