Bonus 2: Your Perfect Email Sequence

Lesson 1: Introduction

    • In this lesson we’re going to learn … about the importance of having a welcome email sequence after the prospect downloads your lead magnet. We look at the 5 P Email framework to write high converting emails.
    • This is important because … because it helps build trust and credibility so that your prospects convert faster and easily. How do you build your communication in a powerful and influential manner.

      You are 40x more likely to get noticed via email than on Facebook. You have a captive audience who opted-in to your communication. They want to hear from you! Give them a reason to OPEN your emails.
    • If you don’t do this… you won’t build rapport and have an engaged prospect. You will waste your marketing spend.
    • Action Item: Review the 5 P framework carefully. Sign up for an email marketing software if you don’t already have one. Also check out the amazing FREE ebook by Neil Patel on how to grow your business with email marketing. Link above.
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