Module 6: Facebook Ads Quick Start Guide

Lesson 1: Introduction

    • In this lesson, we’re going to learn … how to set up the marketing automation required to create a profitable lead generation engine.
    • This is important because … you will be able to leverage the automation to scale up our sales funnel, decrease the cost per lead and increase conversion. This will make your sales funnel much more scalable and systematic.
    • If you don’t do this… you will have to do things manually and it will require much time, effort and money for every lead generated. This is simply not scalable beyond a point.
    • We will cover the following content over the 3 parts of a successful funnel:
      (1) Creating the right audience to see your advert
      (2) Creating the right type of FB advert to profitably generate hot leads.
      (3) The right automation to make your funnel scalable
    • HOW TO / DEMONSTRATION / EXAMPLES - Neeraj shares his case study - see video.
    • Action Item: Download the workbook & Fb Ad template Watch the next lesson: The Facebook Quick Start Guide
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