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The Winning LinkedIn Formula

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Step #1

Welcome & Introduction

The complete step-by-step formula for creating, building and executing a powerful LinkedIn®  strategy to win more $10K+ clients in just 15 minutes a day.

Watch the overview of the 9 specific profits levers we will use in LinkedIn®  to help you win high-value clients.

Step #2

Your Current LinkedIn® Snapshot

Identify where you currently are in your LinkedIn®  journey. This will give you a clear snapshot of where you are currently and over the next 30 days as you implement the key strategies we teach it will dramatically improve your LinkedIn®  results.

What you measure, you can improve. We will show you what specifically to track to make your LinkedIn®  journey a success.

Action Step: Complete the 4 Action Steps in the Video. Post your SSI score below.

Comments ( 11 )

  • Gillian Anderson
    Gillian Anderson

    I have sent the 4 Action items through.

  • Shirley Mckinnon
    Shirley Mckinnon


  • Avatar
    Suresh T

    Started with 43 in october beginning and after going through the 5 day micro school, I am at 62 on 4th Nov 2020.

  • Avatar

    Hi.. My SSI score is 73.

  • Avatar

    Where can I submit the screenshots of the profile?

  • Avatar

    Hi Neeraj, my score before your 5day was 59, and after it ranges between 62-64, and once I put more effort in and add the missing pieces I will soar 😀

  • Avatar
    Jayne Ward

    Starting SSI 35/100

  • Wora

    My SSI is 43.
    How can I send my info. to you?

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